Monday, October 23, 2006

Top Ten Reasons to Play Fantasy Football

Top Ten Reasons to Play Fantasy Football

1) FF is like a real life extension of Madden 07’s franchise mode; trade, drop, and acquire players until your friends start calling you Dan Schneider.

2) The inexplicable allure of incestuously checking fantasy updates all week long.

3) Yet one more way to postpone homework

4) Provides a medium through which you can learn intimate details about the NFL and increase your overall sports knowledge bank (not to be confused with your academic or practical knowledge bank which would detract from the overall experience of FF).

5) The unexpected dominance of late round draft picks—i.e. Bernard Berrian and Donovan Mcnabb—and consequential gratification they provide.

6) Debating with your friends over ESPN’s weekly positional rankings.

7) The feral satisfaction of tricking a friend into a trade completely in your own interest.

8) Gives you an excuse to watch football all day Sunday: “scouting”.

9) Makes football personal and adds extra incentive for your players to do well. (Might even find yourself cheering for T.O.)

10) The surge of excitement when your team seals a victory.

Extra Point) The chance to close out a win on Monday night and start the week all over again.